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Nemi's Quality Assurance

For more than a decade, Nemi has been a trusted provider of certified diamonds and has established strong partnerships with some of the most renowned diamond distribution companies worldwide, including those in Antwerp, Mumbai, and New York. We exclusively source our diamonds from industry experts known for their unwavering commitment to professional ethics. When you choose to purchase from Nemi, you can have complete confidence that you are acquiring a superb gemstone & an exceptional value on every occasion. Nemi specializes in all categories of certified diamonds Dubai.

Confidence In Quality

At Nemi, we ensure confidence in every diamond exceeding half a carat in our inventory through rigorous examination and certification by leading international gemstone laboratories. We exclusively partner with the most esteemed and dependable institutions, securing certificates from renowned organizations like GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), HRD (Antwerp High Diamond Council), and IGI (International Gemmological Institute – Dubai & Antwerp).

What is a Diamond Laboratory Certificate?

A diamond laboratory certificate, commonly known as a grading report, constitutes a thorough evaluation of your diamond by a skilled professional utilizing specialized gemological instruments. This certificate meticulously records the distinct attributes of each gem, offering a precise description of your acquisition. Furthermore, these certificates play a crucial role in insurance matters, as they establish the accurate replacement value in the event of loss or theft.

Before You Buy – The 4 C’s

Before making a significant investment, it's vital to equip yourself with knowledge about diamonds, ensuring you make an informed decision. You may have come across the term "the four C’s," which encompasses Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. It's worth highlighting that TEJORI takes an extra step to instill complete buyer confidence by offering internationally laboratory-certified diamonds for sizes half a carat and above. The four C’s symbolize the standards used by jewelers to assess diamonds, and grasping these elements is essential when choosing the perfect diamond to meet your requirements.

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FAQ about certified diamonds

Nemi is known for selling certified diamonds in dubai and has partnerships with reputable diamond distribution companies worldwide. They offer a range of certified diamonds and have a strong commitment to quality.

Certified diamonds are natural or lab-grown diamonds that have undergone a rigorous evaluation and assessment process conducted by a reputable gemological laboratory.

Certification is crucial when buying a diamond for several reasons: Quality Assurance, Transparency, Value Determination, Authenticity, Insurance Purposes, Resale Value.  In summary, diamond certification offers a comprehensive & independent assessment of a diamond’s quality.

Diamond certification is typically provided by independent gemological laboratories with expertise in diamond evaluation and grading. Such as GIA,HRD,IGI etc

A standard diamond certificate, includes a comprehensive set of information such as Diamond Shape, Carat Weight, Cut Grade, Color Grade, Clarity Grade, Fluorescence, Measurements, Table Percentage, Depth Percentage, Culet, Polish Grade, Symmetry Grade, Diagram and Certificate Number

Certified Diamonds dubai

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