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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Special Moment

Picking the right engagement ring might seem overwhelming but Nemi jewellers will help you Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring in dubai. With various cuts, carat weights, and settings, finding the perfect ring that matches your partner’s style can be tough.

Whether you like a vintage or modern look, there’s an ideal ring for every couple. The key is knowing what to look for. This article has some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect engagement ring for your special moment.

Design Engagement ring dubai
Design Engagement ring dubai

Steps to Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Decide the Budget

When you’re ready to buy an engagement ring, your first job is to figure out how much you can spend. This depends on a few things, like:

  • How much precious stones cost right now
  • The type of design you want for the ring

In the UAE, the price of a diamond ring changes based on the material and size. Bigger diamonds cost more. You should also think about taxes, fees for buying jewelry, and any insurance you might need for such an expensive piece.

Remember to consider resizing costs if you’re changing from a solitaire setting with no wedding band to one that includes both.

Custom Engagement Rings online in Dubai
Custom Engagement Rings online in Dubai

Make Sure you Have the Right Ring Size

Before you buy a diamond engagement ring, it’s important to know the right size. Getting the correct size ensures a comfortable fit and a beautiful look. If you can’t find someone to measure your finger, visit a local jeweler – they can help.

Make sure they use a metal ring sizer that slides onto your finger to measure it accurately. Another option is using a piece of jewelry your partner already owns and wears comfortably on their finger. This way, you can figure out their ring size.

The key is to get an accurate measurement, so don’t just guess. Otherwise, you might face problems later on.

Finalize the Stone and the Metal

Now that you’ve got the right ring size, it’s time to pick the metal and band. You can choose between diamond, emerald, sapphire, or ruby for your engagement ring. Most people go for diamond because it sparkles a lot and looks amazing. Diamonds come in different shapes like round, marquise, pear, and more.

For the metal, you can pick platinum, gold, or silver, depending on what you like. Each metal has its own special look, especially when mixed with others.

The most popular choice for an engagement ring is a diamond set in platinum. This combo gives the ring a timeless and classic look that never goes out of style. If you want something more modern, you can go for white gold or yellow gold instead.

Don’t Be Afraid to Customize

Customizing your diamond jewellery is a great way to make it more personal. You can choose how the setting, metal, and stone look, and this will affect the cost.

For example, if you’re looking for something under $1,000 but want it to look more expensive, customization is a good choice. You can pick solid sterling silver or platinum for the metal instead of just silver plated with rhodium (which is cheaper).

You can also decide on diamonds instead of sapphires or rubies, or choose emeralds or aquamarines for the band. It’s all up to you. Customization can also help you control costs by giving you different options at different prices for the stones in your ring.

With customization, you can add a personal touch to the engagement ring, making the moment even more special for both of you.


To get a great custom engagement ring, it’s important to team up with a jeweler who knows what they’re doing. They should make sure your ring has the right diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Also, they’ll help you choose the right metal and design.

I hope this guide covers everything you need to know about picking the perfect diamond jewelry in Dubai!

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