What is Personal Information ?

Personal information is stuff that tells us who someone is, like their name, address, phone number, email, or credit card number. It also covers things directly linked to a person, like what they do or buy. But, when we say personal information, we're not talking about "aggregate" information. That's more like grouped data about lots of products, services, or website visitors, where we don't include individual names. For instance, we might combine how people use a service, but we don't include personal details. This grouped data helps us figure out trends and what people online want, so we can make our products and services better based on what our clients like.

Collection of Personal Information

We get your personal info when you do things like sign up on nemijewellery.com, register for our site, order stuff online or over the phone, or contact us for any reason. We might also automatically collect some details when you visit our site, like your computer's info, where you came from, what you do on the site, and when you do it. We may use "cookies" for this (check Online Specifics below). Plus, we might get info from others who offer services or special stuff, and we might mix it with the info we have about you. Either way, this policy statement is the boss when it comes to this info.

Use of Personal Information by Nemijewellery.com

We gather your personal info to handle your requests, give you great service, share interesting stuff with you, and understand what you need so we can help you better. For example, we might use your phone number or email to let you know about product recalls or cool opportunities. We might also send you helpful info like coupons.

But hey, if you don't want these extra info, no problem! You can tell us anytime. Just reach out, and we'll make sure you don't get these extra updates. The email address you give us for orders might be used to send you info about your order, as well as some occasional news or updates about our company or related products and services.

Sharing of Personal Information

We don't share, sell, or spill the beans about your personal info without your okay. But, in certain cases, we might need to share a bit:

  1. Order Stuff: If you buy something, we might share info with the shipping folks or if you use a credit card, with the card company. We only give them what they need to send your stuff and bill you. We make sure they keep it secret and don't use it for other stuff. But, any extra info you share directly with them is your deal, so check their rules.
  2. Helpers We Hire: Sometimes, we hire others to do things for us, like processing credit cards or sending special offers. If they need to see your info, we make sure they only use it for what we asked them to do. We also make sure they keep it private or give it back to us when they're done needing it.

Other Uses and Disclosures

Sometimes, we might need to use or share your info if we believe it's the right thing to do legally. It could be to protect you, follow the law, deal with claims, or make sure everyone's rights and safety are looked after.

Your info, whether everyone knows it or not, won't be sold, swapped, sent off, or handed to some other company without your say-so. The only time we'd share it is to get you what you bought, like delivering a product or service you asked for.

Protection of Personal and Credit Card Information

We've put safety measures in place to protect your personal info from getting lost, misused, or changed when it's with us. We use different kinds of security steps—technical, contractual, administrative, and physical—to keep things safe and make sure nobody unauthorized can get in.

The personal info we gather is stored electronically, and when it comes to payment info, like credit card details, we follow the security rules set by credit card companies. We don't hang onto debit card PINs or credit card security codes. When we do keep a credit card number, we use strong encryption and access controls to keep it safe.

When you share personal info online, we use a security thing called SSL to encrypt it before it goes over the Internet. SSL also lets you safely check your online account. Your online account info is only accessible with a password, so make sure to keep it secret. If others can access your computer or email, they might find your password and get info about you. If you think someone's misusing your password, tell us right away at sales@nemijewellery.com.


You have the power to decide what info you want and don't want. Here are some easy ways to let us know:

  1. No Sharing with Others: If you don't want us to share your info with others, you can:
    • Call our customer service at 00971561739103
    • Email us at sales@nemijewellery.com
  2. No Extra Info or Promotions: If you don't want extra info or promotions, you can:
    • Call our customer service at 00971561739103
    • Email us at sales@nemijewellery.com
  3. No Promotional Emails: If you don't want emails about promotions, you can:
    • Call our customer service at 00971561739103
    • Email us at sales@nemijewellery.com

Just pick the way that works best for you, and we'll make it happen!

Online Specifics

  1. What Are Cookies? Do You Have to Use Them? Cookies are tiny files on your computer that help make your shopping experience better. We use them at Dubai-Diamonds.com to customize your home page and display pages the right way for your browser. We don't store any personal info about you in cookies, and while they're optional for browsing, they're a must for things like registering, logging in, or shopping. So, if you want to buy something or set up an account, you'll need to accept a nemijewellery.com cookie.
  2. Kids on the Web Parents, it's good to keep an eye on what your kids do online. We don't want info from anyone under 18. So, if you're under 18, don't share info on nemijewellery.com. Ask your parent to do it for you.
  3. Links to Other Sites Sometimes, you might find links on our site that take you to other sites. These are third parties offering stuff to our members. Any info you share on those linked pages goes straight to that third party and follows their privacy rules. We're not in charge of what happens on those sites, so it's smart to check their privacy policies before sharing your info.
  4. Updating Your Info You can always change your online account info. Just shoot us an email at sales@nemijewellery.com or give us a call at 00971561739103.
  5. How Long We Keep Your Info We keep info from your online activity long enough to study and analyze our website. If it's personally identifiable, we only keep it as long as needed, especially for things like investigating fraud or problems with specific transactions.


Questions or Concerns ?

If you have any questions or worries about our privacy stuff, you can:

  • Call our Customer Service at 00971561739103
  • Email us at sales@nemijewellery.com

Changes to This Policy You agree that we can tweak this Privacy Policy anytime. If we do, we'll put the updated Privacy Policy on our site, and that's enough notice. Last update was in November 2023.

Infringer Policy

We follow the rules, like the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act (DMCA), and other laws. If someone keeps breaking the rules about
copyrights on our site, we might stop them from using it. We can also limit
access or close accounts of people who don’t respect other people’s rights,
even if it’s not the first time they did it.

Third Party Content

We might share links to other websites or content from
other people (we call it “Third Party Content”) to help you find
interesting info. But here’s the deal: we don’t keep an eye on or control
what’s on those other sites. We don’t say we like or trust their stuff, and we
can’t promise it’s accurate or complete.

We can’t guarantee if the info there is correct, and
we’re not responsible for checking or updating it. If you click on those links
or use the content, it’s your call, and you’re doing it at your own risk.

Advertisements and Promotions

You might see ads or promotions from other companies on
our site. If you do business or talk with them, it’s just between you and them.
Any issues or promises are not our responsibility. We’re not in charge if
anything goes wrong or if you lose something because of your dealings with
those companies. They’re not Nemi Jewellers, so we’re not accountable for what
they do on our site.

Product Reviews and User Content

On our site, you can write reviews and join discussions
or other places where people share stuff (we call them “Interactive
Areas”). It’s cool, but you’re in charge of what you do there, and it’s at
your own risk.

When you use these areas, don’t post anything that’s
against the law, mean, rude, or just not right. Don’t share stuff that could
harm others or break the rules. Also, don’t pretend to be someone else, and
don’t spam or share private info about others.

And please, no viruses or anything that can mess up the
site. If you do something that Nemi Jewellers thinks is not okay, they might
not like it and can take action. So, be responsible and keep it friendly for