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Pick from our range of 5 stone rings, or ask about creating a custom ring through our bespoke design service. We have different styles, such as 5 stone diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and 5 stone eternity rings.

About 5 Stone Diamond Rings

5 stone diamond rings are grouped into three main categories: 5 stone engagement rings, 5 stone eternity rings, and 5 stone wedding rings. In many of our 5 stone engagement rings, there’s a center diamond or gemstone with 3 side diamonds on each side. Unlike engagement rings, 5 stone diamond eternity rings have diamonds placed in a row.

5 Stone Engagement Rings

In 5 stone engagement rings, there’s an odd number of diamonds or gemstones, with the center stone placed between 6 smaller ones. Or, the outer diamonds get larger gradually, with smaller diamonds set into the outer shoulder section.

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Five Stone Diamond Ring